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Shipping Policies-
  • Your order is shipped insured- ( Bedroom Buy Direct files all paperwork) however prior to the driver leaving you must inspect and note any possible damages.  We take extra steps to prevent damages but there are circumstances beyond our control sometimes.
  • All boxes will need to be opened and inspected for freight damage. ( You will be looking for freight damage and not product flaws). 
  • If you miss an appointment that the final carrier sets up with you verbally - You will be subject to paying a $50.00 redelivery fee.
If you have noted any damage then we will promptly resolve this on your behalf.  Please keep the following in mind.  You MUST inspect the product before the driver leaves.  This means all boxes have to be open and you need to examine the pieces for freight damage.  You will not be looking for product flaws but freight damage.   We cannot be responsible for freight damage if you choose not to inspect the product.  Even a call 10 mins after driver has left will not work.  You must note on paper your asked to sign.

How to know what to do?

Minor damage- note on receipt and accept the piece
Leg broke off.- accept the other boxes and send back 1 piece and note damage on paper your asked to sign.

Please note you must be satisfied with your shipment for us to close any order.

What if my item arrives damaged? (all items ship insured)

Our staff has extensive packaging and shipping experience that reduces the chances of damage. Most pieces are opened and inspected for any damages prior to shipping.  In addition we add extra packing materials to prevent any damage that may happen along the way.  However, in the event of damage please save all original packaging and notify us within 24hours via email  immediately.*  Or you may choose to call us at 619-275-2117   All items are ship insured for damages- Please do a through visual inspection and you MUST notify us within 24hrs of damages.  

Please note due to the nature of solid wood products..
   *Possible to have some color variations in your pieces.  No two pieces will be identical- However every effort is made to be consistent.
   *Please also note its virtually impossible to have 100% straight lines with drawers. 
   *Please note with Natural wood that it must breathe and it is affected by environmental conditions.  The following as normal occurrences.. Slight shrinkage or expansion, plank movement and seasonal cracks over time. 

Damages to items shipped must be noted on the delivery receipt and reported to us immediately.

Pictures will be required in the event of damage. If there are partial damages or shortages, accept the good / bad items and list damages/shortages on the delivery receipt. If the product is damaged and noted on the delivery receipt; we will send free replacement parts / pieces to correct the problem, or issue a pickup to replace the product at our discretion. Some items may be able to be repaired to factory condition with repair.  These repairs will be performed by a certified furniture technician.  If you choose not to accept a repair and or parts at our discretion then you can cancel your order and refer to our return policy.

For a more detailed version of what to expect when you place an order see our FAQ

*UPS shipments - night stands and other small items may be reported to us within 3 business days. These are the only items you can inspect at a later date and a claim can be filed.